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About 94% of Native Students in the UK receive free education paid from Public Funds.

* UK has around 28 million skilled and adaptable workers and high standards of education with a strong emphasis on vocational education and training.
* UK has the lowest main corporation tax rate of any major industrialized country, and there are no additional local taxes on profits.
* UK is the largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Europe and in the World it is second only to the US.
* It is the World’s fifth largest exporter of goods and services.
* UK offers a stable and productive environment for business and is striving to create a knowledge driven economy.
* UK is in fact a cluster of four Countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each with its own flag, identity, tradition and ancient language.


United Kingdom boasts of harboring the best-known business schools in the World like ‘The Oxford University’ and ‘London Business School’. The soothing climate of UK is very conducive to an efficient study environment and the colleges in UK are among the most sought after in the World.

Some Salient Features:

* British Education is famous for its academic excellence.
* British Standards are among the highest in the World. It is distinctive, diverse and flexible.
* Students are legally allowed to work part-time during the studies.
* Indian 3-year degree is acceptable directly for Masters programs.
* No GRE/GMAT/ SAT required.
* Admission is possible in some institutions without TOEFL/ IELTS also.
* In UK all Masters Courses are of 1 year and all Bachelors courses are of 3 years, unlike other Countries where Masters are of 2 years and Bachelors of 4 years.
* Excellent post qualification prospects.

Living Expense:

Living expenses are approx. 400 to 500 pounds sterling per month depending upon your lifestyle and the city of residence. Please note, however, that some universities include the cost of accommodation and food within the total fee payable to them. Average living costs (covering accommodation, food, clothing, books, entertainment and travel).

Major Cities: The major cities are:

* London. * Edinburgh. * Bristol. * Belfast.
* Plymouth. * Cardiff. * Glasgow.

About People in UK

* Sizeable Indian Population Specially in the bigger popular cities.
* Contrary to popular belief quite friendly.
* Open to diverse culture.
* Traditional in value system.

Population in UK

* Over 60 million people.
* Ranked 18th in population census.
* Quarter million International students at any given time.


* Temperatures vary from -5oC to 32oC.
* 4 Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
* South of UK is warmer than north of UK.
* The Cities are warmer than Counties.
* Most noticeable climate feature : long summer days and short winter days.
* The climate is mild and the rainfall is not spectacular.
* March and October are marginal – there’s more daylight but it can still be very cold.
* April to September are undoubtedly the best months.

Documents Required :
  1. Complete VAF 9 form.
  2. Original Academics and work experience documents, if not in English translation is required.
  3. The translated documents must include details the translator’s name and confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document.
  4. A Valid Passport.
  5. 1 recent passport-sized (45mm high x 35mm wide) colour photograph
  6. VISA Application Fee- INR 14950 payable to “The British High Commission”. The DD should be made from Standard Chartered Bank branch only.
  7. Biometric data collection- http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk/en/faqs/20866418/20867724
  8. IELTS mark sheet- original.
  9. Show Money
  10. Living Cost for 9 months- GBP 800 per month inside London and GBP 600 per month outside London Tuition Fee for 1 year.
  11. Processing Time
  12. Students can start the visa application process up to 3 months in advance of the planned travel date. The UK Border Agency advises to start the visa application process at least 5-10 weeks prior to the planned travel date.
Student Visa –How do I Apply
* If you have been offered a full-time place at a UK educational institution, you may be eligible to enter the UK on a Student Visa Requirements:
* You must have a secured place at a UK-based institution for full-time study. Full-time means a minimum of 15 hours of classroom study per week.
* You must be able to show that you can support yourself and pay for your course.
* This is not a work visa however you can work part time to supplement your income i.e 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week during holidays.
* You must be able to show that you have been accepted on a course of study at an educational establishment that is on the UK’s Department for  
   Education and Skills (DfES) Register of Education and Training Providers
 * You must be able to show that you are going to follow:
 * a recognised full-time degree course, or
* a course run during the week involving at least 15 hours of organised daytime study each week, or
 * a full-time course at an independent fee-paying school
 You must also:
 * be able to pay for your course and support yourself and any dependants, and live in the UK without working or needing any help from public funds, and
* intend to leave the UK when you complete your studies.
If you are a degree student and you successfully complete your studies, you may be able to take work permit employment if you meet the requirements
If you graduate in an approved science or engineering subject you can apply to stay in the UK, to look for or to take work, for an additional year after your degree course finishes without getting a work permit.